Mike O'Brien – Artist + Creative Director


b. 1987, NJ.

Artist Showings

THUNDERSHARK @ Hole in the Sky + Homme (2019)
Caffeinated Group Art Exhibition @ Studio SoHy (2018)
NeonCat Pop-Up Show #1 @ Cherry Blossom Creative (2017)
ARTSHOWS 01-17 @ Hole in the Sky (since 2013)
Wheatpastes on the utility boxes of DC (since 2011) 

Curator + Organizer :

ARTSHOW 01-17 @ Hole in the Sky (since 2013)
JURIED 01 + 02 @ HITS (2016 + 2018)
Transformer Auction Artist Nominating Committee (2016)
Call + Response IV @ HITS (2014)

Professional-esque Occupations (PORTFOLIO)

Creative Director, ISL (since 2011)
Marketing Director, DC Design Week (2017-2018)

Mike O’Brien (Mike O) is an artist + creative director working with underground, lowbrow and outsider aesthetics in Washington D.C. His internet name is RedTablePress because he presses prints on a table that is red.

He organizes underground art shows at his shared studio space Hole in the Sky (+ elsewhere), paints watercolors inspired by tattoo flash designs, and silkscreens posters that glow in the dark (+ pastes them around the city sometimes).